Saturday, June 12, 2010

From the Kitchen

One friend from FB shared a post about cooking and it led me to a site which I was amazed at. It really made me excited on several levels. Well, it is about sweets which I love, there are recipes and beautifully done photo tutorials on how to make the goodies and what more, it is very well designed. It took me only a few hours and I was already making doughnuts.
It was my first try and because I should not eat much wheat due to alergy I replaced 3,5 cups with rye flour. I had no thermometer, so the taste was different, good though, but I am ready to make them again soon.

Talking about food, in the two past months I discovered panganius and fell in love with it. There is no better fillet than this.
I am not much to fish, my favorite one is a trout, tuna is good for salad but that is all. But this "pangas" how we call it shortly is really easy to make and good taste of food.

Good balance here, something sweet and something healthy.