Story Behind Renchinchay

Somehow we got used to the fact that blogs carry all kinds of names; funny, silly or curious. Are you curious what my blog name Renchinchay means? It carries a story.
As I am a member of church and I am involved in the music ministry there, we regularly hold a musical rehearsal. It has become a kind of tradition that I always prepare tea for the band. It should be a big pot and usually it is a fruit one because it creates the least problem for a singer’s voice unlikely the black tea.
My Renchinchay logo used on my cardsOnce we had a temptation to name our band which we later didn´t do for other good reasons. When searching for some interesting names we laughed around the table with the big tea pot giving suggestions and somebody yelled: “We should be called Renčin čaj.” Which literally means Renča´s tea. My name is Renata but people call me e.g. Renča, Reny, Renka, Renule, Reni etc. The Czech language includes some special signs above letters which we call hooks and which can be easily pronounced in English using other letters. That´s why in English it would read something like “renchin chay”. As I said we refrained from naming our band at last but the phrase became known and when I started blogging three years ago I remembered this story and thought it would be a great “mysterious” name for my blog. So there it is, my electronic invitation for a cup of tea.
Renchinchay by Rencha