Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Let me take you for a brief trip to the mountains called Beskydy which are near to where I live and which I love to visit any time.

This weekend we found ourselves near to one of the Beskydy peeks called Radhošť. As I was not feeling well, we decided just to spend some time hanging around, not much hiking. The Sun was shining - after so long - so I was happy to be out. The picture shows interesting architecture of cottages at the place we were called Pustevny. They remind me of russian fairy tales.

When you travel to Pustevny from Ostrava, you may go through other towns or choose a longer way and go along the mountains most of the time. There you pass Waterworks Šance (Chance).

It is a water reservoir finished in 1969 to provide water for surrounding cities.

I was very happy to find orchis growing there. It is a protected plant in our country.