Sunday, June 13, 2010

The "Unexpectedly" Project

Ok, I didn´t plan to do this in particular but here you have a little project to do.

In the middle of a kind of a cleaning process I found out I didn´t have enough small or big – any kinds – of boxes. All I could do was to go get one or two from our cellar. Of course, they needed a refurbishing and as I said I didn´t plan to spend a whole afternoon to make them. I simply needed them – the boxes. But I wanted them to look acceptable. So...

I took the first two paints I found in our closet and simply started to paint. Red and white. No special, just acrylic paint. One or two layers, it dries quite quickly in about hour or so. Then, I took the second color and just sketched stripes on. Of course, the red layer wasn´t dry enough and that was the moment when I realized that I am in the middle of an interesting afternoon project. I went on with striping and was surprized at how cool the non straigth and not perfectly painted stripes looked like. This box turned out pretty good, didn´t it?

A few months ago I bought some metal tags and I know now is the time for them. Alright, sometimes no planning and hey, look what you´ve got.

BTW, I learnt the word "unexpectedly" through the song "Beauty and Beast." My favorite movie.