Tuesday, May 25, 2010


All of the fabrics I have so far were printed with Spoonflower. However, I wished to try other companies too to be able to compare both price and quality aspects.
That´s why this week I received my parcel with a silk (Plain Crepe Satin) sample printed with KarmaKraft and I must say it is luxurious. Colors are a bit different but they shine beautifully. I am sure it is a matter of the material. Silk is silk. If you look at the picture you can see the difference but I can tell you I feel the difference. The silk is so soft. Immediately I thought about new projects to make and again, I realized I don´t have so much time and energy and money to do them. For example; I always longed for a luxurious lace-free nightgown and was never able to find one which would suit me and which I would love in design and which, of course, would make my lovely one happy too. With this silk in my hands I know it would work well. I could get my size, my pattern, my design.

So who knows, maybe I will do that in the future. Maybe it is too good for a nightgown. The crepe de satin would make a glorious dress or evening gown too.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Embellish Your T-Shirt - Tutorial

I was asked by one Czech magazine focused on gardening and home to make a tutorial for some easy craft and I chose to do a simple embellishment on a T-shirt. If you like it you can see some easy tips on how I made it.
I designed a simple rose with leaves. So first you need to cut pieces of the rose. I chose a blue felt. Just pin the pieces on the place of your shirt where you wish it to be.

Inspired by the Alabama Studio Style I stiched the pieces using a blanket stich.

Leaves are simpy printed. I bought a handmade stamp by one artist here from Krnov
and I used fabric paints to print the leaf motif on the shirt.

Stems are done using a chain-stich. It takes only a few of them. I thinks combining different methods just gives the embellishment a nice dimension.

A few tiny beads around the stems make the whole outcome perfect.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trendy In Christ

Well, I am a believer. But that doesn´t say much, right.
I believe in and trust Jesus Christ and I know that to live and dwell in Him is absolutely the best thing to do. If you are like me maybe you will find it fun and true too to say it is forever trendy to be in Christ. Because only in Him I can live and look at this world from heaven´s perspective and not mine. And this brings peace and rest because you know He is in charge.
We often wear T-shirts with all kinds of stupid or non-sense titles, so why not to have something that speaks for your heart.

It took me a while

...but I finally finished a bag which I planned to make from the Retro Spring Garden fabric.
It has a zipper, small pocket inside and another three ones at the front. It is a fresh and nice bag to brighten the rainy days.
And because I sew bags only now and then it is quite a day. If you like it you may get it here.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Four New Prints

Or actually, just three. As the RetroSpring Garden fabric which won the Fabric of the Week contest about month ago isn´t new. But its color combo is different.
I had them printed on upholstering twill and the fabric is just wonderful. Can´t wait to cover some chair or have a jacket made.
Visit my Spoonflower profile and browse through many other designs.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

RedBubble stuff

Wedding Custom Order

One of the wonderful things about designing is to cooperate with a customer and make a custom order. Lately, I had the opportunity to design a wedding invitation for a beautiful young lady from Olomouc. She longed for a typical damask pattern in dark red and cream colors. So I made another of a few previous damask patterns according to her wishes. When she came up with a request for a photo album in a similar design I knew it was a great opportunity to have the design printed on a fabric and keep the style from the invitations. It turned out to be a wonderful idea and I am very happy she was satisfied with the whole outcome. Custom orders widen my creativity and I love that.