Tuesday, May 25, 2010


All of the fabrics I have so far were printed with Spoonflower. However, I wished to try other companies too to be able to compare both price and quality aspects.
That´s why this week I received my parcel with a silk (Plain Crepe Satin) sample printed with KarmaKraft and I must say it is luxurious. Colors are a bit different but they shine beautifully. I am sure it is a matter of the material. Silk is silk. If you look at the picture you can see the difference but I can tell you I feel the difference. The silk is so soft. Immediately I thought about new projects to make and again, I realized I don´t have so much time and energy and money to do them. For example; I always longed for a luxurious lace-free nightgown and was never able to find one which would suit me and which I would love in design and which, of course, would make my lovely one happy too. With this silk in my hands I know it would work well. I could get my size, my pattern, my design.

So who knows, maybe I will do that in the future. Maybe it is too good for a nightgown. The crepe de satin would make a glorious dress or evening gown too.