Sunday, May 23, 2010

Embellish Your T-Shirt - Tutorial

I was asked by one Czech magazine focused on gardening and home to make a tutorial for some easy craft and I chose to do a simple embellishment on a T-shirt. If you like it you can see some easy tips on how I made it.
I designed a simple rose with leaves. So first you need to cut pieces of the rose. I chose a blue felt. Just pin the pieces on the place of your shirt where you wish it to be.

Inspired by the Alabama Studio Style I stiched the pieces using a blanket stich.

Leaves are simpy printed. I bought a handmade stamp by one artist here from Krnov
and I used fabric paints to print the leaf motif on the shirt.

Stems are done using a chain-stich. It takes only a few of them. I thinks combining different methods just gives the embellishment a nice dimension.

A few tiny beads around the stems make the whole outcome perfect.