Sunday, April 18, 2010


I never studied art professionally, except common lessons on a high school and one semester of drawing course under Folk Conservatory of Ostrava. I know I have inherited some talent from my grandma and it was her who as far as I remember was teaching me to draw, as well as other crafts like crocheting, knitting and embroidering. I never desired or dreamed of becoming an artist in terms of drawing and painting, however lately I found it entertaining to draw here and there and modify pencil sketches in a computer which is fun and interesting. As I am simply into designing of patterns it is a wonderful thing to combine my drawings with my repeated patterns. I love that.
That´s why you could have seen my recent pictures offered for print and sale at various places. Most of all I get the pictures printed myself and sell them at a Czech craft server but you can get some through my Etsy shop too. Then, you can choose to have them printed yourself through Zazzle, RedBubble or CafePress. The pictures are available as cards and prints to be framed. Sometimes there are additional options like prints on canvas or T-shirts etc.
With my love for fabric design it is possible that some of these pictures will be printed on fabric. But you know there are too many ideas and too little time. Anyway, I do wish to try to sew stylish bags with these prints on. I think it would be great.