Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cover Me with Wool

Not many people keep reading books today due to internet reasons and other influences. Then, there are people like me who never used to read books even before the internet was. So to sew some original covers for books looks like a silly idea. However, I do read one book regularly, i.e. the Bible and therefore, just like other people do such a book cover is quite necessary. And don´t forget most of us still have a notebook, journal or diary in our bags.

Usually I make the covers of cotton fabric. I even designed a pattern to be used for nothing but the book covers. You can see an examle of it.

But some time ago I came across a wonderfully cozy and soft 100% wool fabric and it inspired me to make a few covers of the wool. As it includes 15% of cashmere wool, the material give a real posh look and feel. I started with an idea of embroidering a bear. It was around the Valentine time so a heart couldn’t have been missed. I made one in grey and one in red color.
They even published a tutorial for this wool fabric cover in one Czech magazine which I am thankful for. As an option I embroidered also some deco flowers and other simple stylish designs on other three covers. Some of them are still available. Look here and here.
But I couldn’t resist working with the wool fabric and I made a bag of it too.
And this unfinished project will probably wait till fall or winter.
Wool is simply a tempting material.