Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family Time in Podhradí

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Now and then I and my husband make a trip on weekend. It takes only about 40 minutes from our hometown to get to the mountains and there are other beautiful places to visit in our region. It is true I must have been to some of them for numerous times but I don’t know how about you but I desperately need to go behind the city limits quite regularly in order not to die in this civilization. I love nature, hiking, biking, taking pictures, simply being out. I simply need to be refreshed.
This spring is dragging our feet. It seems like it hesitates to come. It is still quite cold and we have some rainy days now. Three weeks ago we took my mother-in-law and my husband’s grown-up daughter with her step sister and went to Podhradí. There is an old camp site but it was still closed. My husband used to have a tiny cottage on water there a few years ago. Due to some problems with local fishermen he had to leave it, so there it stayed for years without maintenance and today it shows ravages of time. He wished to go looking at it and spend some time there. So we did, walking around and roasting some sausages which is a typical thing to do here in the Czech Republic. It was a great time.